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World Sanskrit Conference

The main task of the IASS is to organise a World Sanskrit Conference (WSC), usually every three years, at different venues around the world and the New Delhi conference in 1972 has been recognised as the first WSC of the IASS. Over the years the WSCs have been successful in creating cooperation in a number of common causes, both in defence of the discipline and in encouraging important fields of research, while numbers of participants has increased steadily (with particularly large attendances at the conferences held in India: Varanasi in 1981, Bangalore in 1997 and New Delhi in 2012). The WSC in New Delhi in 2012 was the 15th.

Full list of WSCs:

1st WSC at New Delhi, India in 1972
2nd WSC at Torino, Italy in 1975
3rd WSC at Paris, France in 1977  
4th WSC at Weimar, German Democratic Republic in 1979  
5th WSC at Varanasi, India in 1981
6th WSC at Philadelphia, United States of America in 1984
7th WSC at Leiden, The Netherlands in 1987
8th WSC at Vienna, Austria in 1990  
9th WSC at Melbourne, Australia in 1994
10th WSC at Bangalore, India in 1997  
11th WSC at Torino, Italy in 2000  
12th WSC at Helsinki, Finland in 2003  
13th WSC at Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. in 2006  
14th WSC at Kyoto, Japan in 2009  
15th WSC at New Delhi, India in 2012  

Forthcoming World Sanskrit Conferences:

16th WSC in Bangkok in 2015  
17th WSC in Vancouver in 2018 (details to follow later)

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