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Members of the IASS are registered on an individual basis by paying a membership fee, either directly to the IASS (see "Download Membership Form" below), or through their membership of a national association that is a affiliated to the IASS. At present (2015), there are three national associations affiliated to the IASS:
French Association. Association Française pour les Etudes Indiennes.
South Asian Studies section of the DMG (Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft, German Oriental Society).
Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan
National associations affiliated to the IASS collect on behalf of the IASS the fees of their individual members who would like to be members of the IASS.
National associations and institutions pay membership fees as given below (using the same "Membership Form" given below).
Please download the Membership Form, fill it out and send online a scanned copy of it to the Treasurer with the scanned proof of transfer of the fees, or per post (email and postal addresses are given in the Form).

Advantages of IASS membership:

  • Members of the IASS usually pay reduced fees at the World Sanskrit Conference which takes place almost every three years. For example, in 2012 in Delhi IASS members paid 2000 and non-members 5000 Rupees. Fees for each WSC are decided by the local committee hosting the WSC – 2015 Bangkok, 2018 Vancouver. (Participation in a WSC is independent of being member of the IASS.)

  • Members have a say in the running of the association and can vote at General Assembly meetings.

  • Access can be made available to teaching and learning material for Sanskrit at all levels.

  • Members can request recommendations for Sanskrit learning in and outside India through its international contacts.

  • Members can have exposure to Sanskrit teaching and research methods with experts who are on the staff of institutions of learning around the world. The IASS can facilitate contact for this.

  • The following booksellers will give IASS members a discount on books:

Membership Fees

Annual Membership Fee:

Individual Members: 31 Euros (+ 5 Euros Bank charges).
National Associations: 93 Euros (+ 10 Euros Bank charges).
Institutions: 100 Euros (+ 15 Euros Bank charges).
Students: * 16 Euros (+ 3 Euros Bank charges).

Three-year Membership Fee:

Individual Members: 93 Euros (+ 10 Euros Bank charges).
National Associations: 279 Euros (+ 20 Euros Bank charges).
Institutions: 300 Euros (+ 20 Euros Bank charges).
Students: * 48 Euros (+ 6 Euros Bank charges).
*Students are required to send a PDF copy of their current student cards to the Treasurer ( and to the General Secretary (
Online Member Registration
Download Membership Form Download Membership Form
Payments have to be made in Euros and that the exchange rates for other currencies are payable by the sender. We recommend direct international bank transfers through your bank to the account of the IASS. We do not accept payment by cheques because of exorbitant bank charges.

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